About Us

RainbowYOUTH is a national organisation based on providing support, information, advocacy for young queer and trans* people up to the ages of 28.  Additionally, we have services to support the friends and whānau of queer and trans* youth, as well as their schools and others that work with them.

At RainbowYOUTH, we’re about fostering a safe, inclusive, accepting and diverse family environment. We are drug, smoke, and alcohol free.

Our motto is Know Who You Are, Be Who You Are. The Tiwhanawhana Trust in Wellington have gifted us a version of our motto in te reo Maori: Whaia to ake ngakaunui, i te pono, i te marama. Simply translated, it means: Follow your desires with truth and clarity.

Our drop in centre is located in central Auckland, at 281 Karangahape Road, Newton. We’re open Monday – Friday from 11 – 5pm as a safe space for queer and trans* youth, their friends and whānau. Come along, hang out, meet new people and our friendly staff, volunteers and interns. You can also surf the web, and check out our queer and trans* book and DVD collection.

We send our resources all around New Zealand, and have peer-support groups in Auckland, Tauranga & Whangarei. Our research has been published in an international scholarly journal, and our resources have made it to the U.S and Australia. We are a part of the Australian LGBTI Health Alliance, and are an active participant in the wider Asia Pacific rainbow community.

Email us at info@ry.org.nz or head over to the
Contact Us page for more details.

What we’re doing: 

The board of RY meet every month to review updates from the different committees board members are involved in (Education Committee, Culture Committee, Communications Committee etc) as well as monthly reports from the staff. The board meetings are recorded and are being made available to public viewing.

Check them out here.

Where we’re going:

Our strategy extends the Vision and Mission of RY to talk about outcomes we would like the organisation to achieve, and puts timeframes around those outcomes. These strategic plans are important to keep us focused on achieving short term goals, which also work towards our vision in the long term.

Our strategy also allows us to evaluate opportunities which are presented to RainbowYOUTH, to see if they align with what we are trying to achieve.  Each year, after our AGM, the new board come together for a day to review our 5 year strategy and set some goals for the next 12 months.

Check out our strategy!